Toni is a powerful coach and her advice and counsel was invaluable in helping me transition into my GM role.  Toni is knowledgeable and passionate in what she shares. Working with Toni enabled me to set my focus and confidently step up into opportunities to better lead my team.  Toni was a pleasure to work with and I’d work with her again in a heartbeat.

Dina Halkic
General Manager - Fleet Operations, FleetPartners

Toni has worked across our FleetPartners management teams over the last 18 months delivering a two-day leadership development program, followed by a 4-workshop series and some executive coaching.  The teams were highly engaged with Toni, the feedback has been outstanding, and the question I’m most asked about Toni is “Can we have more of her?”  Toni is highly regarded within our business and we look forward to her continuing to work with us.

Paul Verhoeven
Managing Director - Group Transformation & Internal Partnerships, Eclipx Group

I have had the opportunity to receive coaching from Toni in recent months. I’ve benefited enormously from the knowledge and experience that she shared so generously and with such passion. I can see the changes already in my own performance and am enjoying the chance to apply new skills and new ways of thinking in order to better enhance how effective I can be in my role. She was able to tailor a coaching program to my individual needs and instinctively understood where I was at, and where I wanted to be. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Fiona Kenvyn
Manager Human Factors Integration & Change, Metro Trains

Toni has fundamentally changed how I view myself as a leader, the difference I can make in my role, and what’s possible for me in my career. She challenged my thinking, and taught me how to think in a way that’s enabled me to become a better leader for myself, team and organisation.

Darren Quinliven
Manager, Strategy & Risk | Safety, Environment & Risk, Metro Trains

Toni is an insightful coach and I’ve appreciated her wise counsel. Through working with Toni, I have gained a broader and better-informed leadership perspective.

Jo Egan
Head of Product and Pricing, AGL

Toni has an amazing ability to take you to new places you might not have thought were possible. She challenged me, guided me, and then provided me practical models and tools to enable me to focus on the right areas of my work, have better conversations with my staff, and help me achieve my goals.

Liam Palmer-Cannon
Head of Engineering – Track and Structures, Office of the Chief Engineer, Metro Trains

Working with Toni has enabled me to get out of my own way, lift my confidence, and become more effective as a leader. She’s given me practical tools and models that I can apply every day.

Mary-Anne Gower
State Manager, Transaction Banking, CBA QLD

We needed a dynamic speaker and trainer to present a series of workshops to our high potential women across four business units. Toni delivered strong and practical messages with humour. It was also a really nice touch for us to be able to gift a copy of Toni’s book ‘Your Bigger Game’ to our team members too.

Erica Perkins
Relationship Director, Westpac

Toni really expresses the training modules in a common-sense way which is great so I can adapt the insight easily into my own role and scenario. I now have great tools to help move me forward. Thank you Toni

Valued Client
Leadership Program participant, FleetPartners

Toni really expresses the training modules in a common-sense way which is great so I can adapt the insight easily into my own role and scenario. I now have great tools to help move me forward. Thank you Toni!

Valued Client
Leadership Program participant, FleetPartners

This leadership development program has helped me to identify what true leadership is. I know I’m capable of being a leader. I know what I need to do now to make that happen. Everyone should be encouraged to complete this program.

Valued Client
Leadership Program participant, FleetPartners

Toni was our keynote speaker for our annual sales conference.  She took time to understand our business challenges and delivered in a style that resonated with everyone. Toni was engaging, informative and certainly gave everyone in the room the opportunity to inspire a bigger game for themselves. I’d have no hesitation in engaging Toni again.

Tim Smith
Executive General Manager Sales & Marketing - Asia Pacific, Fuji Xerox

I really enjoyed Toni’s delivery style. She showed us how to take charge of our own career path in an achievable and meaningful way. I recommend Toni as a speaker.

Maryanne Clark
Policy Advisor, Yarra City Council

The impact to me from Toni’s coaching has been absolutely positive. She is a great mentor and has allowed me to learn about myself in different ways. Thank you for opening my eyes to my opportunity for growth and strength. I will always be grateful to Toni’s guidance and professional advice.

Sue Lynne
Marketing and Communication Manager, Chin Communications

Toni is highly recommended as an executive coach and mentor. She has a valuable ability to recognize, understand, and explore the complex business relationships that we operate in and has helped me to gain insight into my thinking, and most importantly, my interactions with my stake holder community. The journey has been challenging, sometimes surprising, occasionally painful but always insightful. Toni’s mentoring has provided observations, opinions, and suggestions that has made me a more effective leader.

Tony Williams
General Manager Operations, FleetPartners

I had my thinking challenged and had an A-HA moment on driving cultural change and taking responsibility. 10/10 to Toni for the leadership program. The language she used, creating whole room engagement, and keeping the content relevant, interesting and insightful was fantastic.

Valued Client
Manager, Leadership Development Program, FleetPartners

The thought and planning put into the program was great. Often people don’t feel like they can speak up because they aren’t comfortable but this was great where people could be really open. We addressed current issues in our business eg: culture, change management and I can apply the concepts we learned to our current realities.

Valued Client
Manager, Leadership Development Program, FleetPartners

I thoroughly enjoyed the Leadership Development Program. I’ve taken a lot of learnings that I believe will have a positive impact on my team and the business. Toni has been excellent.

Valued Client
Manager, Leadership Development Program, FleetPartners

It was a pleasure to attend the Leadership Development Program. I learnt a lot and look forward to utilising the additional skills with the Procurement & Vehicle Delivery teams and developing my leadership effectiveness further.

Craig Lindgren
Procurement & Vehicle Delivery Manager, FleetPartners

Toni’s worked with our executive team – as a group and with many 1-1. She’s also delivering a Leadership Development Program across our managers. Toni has taken the time to understand our business and its complexities. She has added significant value in our business so far.

Dennis Kelly
Previous Managing Director, FleetPartners

Working with Toni Courtney has allowed me to reconnect with myself and begin to enjoy who I am once again. The flow on effect from this is the positive attitude I now present at work and at home. Toni’s tips have given me a new perspective on my work and home life and I am now managing both of these areas more effectively and with enthusiasm and new found energy. Thanks Toni for all the assistance and new tools that you have provided me with.

Maria Farlow
Processing, Resolution & Provider Services Manager, Hospital, HCF

As a new Manager within a growing team and organisation Toni’s leadership coaching came at the perfect time. Toni delves deep down into leadership and has an adaptable, warm and positive approach. I found Toni encouraged me to look at who I really wanted to be as a leader. Toni asks the hard questions and at the same time is a patient and understanding guide. The coaching sessions were a reminder that leaders must always carve out time to work on their self-development, be conscious about how they show up and for us all to get out of our own way. Any leader is guaranteed to be enlightened by Toni’s coaching purely because of who she is and the knowledge and information she imparts.

Amie Sanfilippo
Manager Business Operations, HCF

Toni has provided me with valuable insights, constructive feedback and strategies that have been invaluable in helping me accelerate my growth and development as a leader. Toni has also provided me with tools that are extremely valuable in understanding the psychology behind people going through change in the workforce and how to support them through disruption. She is a supportive and thought-provoking coach and I greatly value her guidance, support and her capacity to map out practical, business-relevant solutions. Through working with Toni, I have become more self-aware, confident, and better able to lead positive change within my organisation. I’d recommend Toni to anyone wanting to take their performance and leadership to the next level

Sofia Sheikh
Change Management Manager, HCF

I engaged Toni as an Executive Leadership Coach to help guide my transition from Founder to CEO of my business. The remit included establishing the new leadership structure, defining my role, building core leadership capability and linking the business vision/mission/culture to how we achieve our results. Working with Toni has been insightful, thought provoking, challenging and inspiring. She demonstrates a committed interest in our business and I highly value her input. Her style is warm and supportive, yet demanding. She brings a laser sharp focus in getting to the heart of the matter. With greater self-awareness, confidence, and strategies to become more effective, I’m a significantly better business leader for my team. I’ve learned a lot from Toni and am looking forward to continuing to work with her to help create the next chapter in my business.

Kate Ritchie
CEO Chin Communications

We needed a dynamic and engaging speaker and trainer to present a series of workshops to our high potential women across four business units. A colleague recommended Toni to us and Toni’s been excellent! Toni was easy to work with and she created relevant and inspiring content. Toni took the time to find out what really mattered to our people and tailored the workshops accordingly. She delivered clear, strong and practical messages with humour and certainly retained the attention of our team members. It was also a really nice touch for us to be able to gift a copy of Toni’s book ‘Your Bigger Game’ to our team members. I would, and have, recommended Toni as a great speaker, trainer and facilitator to other businesses.

Valued Client
Relationship Director, Big Four Bank

Working with Toni as a Leadership Coach has been invaluable in my development. Toni has the powerful ability to listen without judgement and challenge status-quo thinking. She enables people to discover alternate ways to approach situations that deliver success for the individual and organisation.

Penelope Blamphin
Head of Marketing | Digital | Customer Engagement

Toni’s ability to identify underlying issues and empower alternate ways to approach challenging situations has been invaluable to me. Toni is an insightful and inspiring coach!

Jade Harley
Managing Director I Partner at Inception Digital & Publisher at Oyster Magazine

Toni is a role model for high-level performance. What sets Toni apart is her drive, high-quality work and consistent follow-through. More than this, Toni’s ability to empower others to become more effective, reflects highly developed emotional intelligence. Working with Toni has been a rewarding experience and I acknowledge Toni for her ability to identify and laser in on key issues and develop strategy that drives progress

Kerryn Gamble
Owner Core Potential, Melbourne

Working with Toni gave me the structure, strategies and insights I needed to have a high impact first 90 days in my role. The FastTrack 90 program enabled me to impress as well as achieve. I would highly recommend working with Toni. I am continuing to work with her on an ongoing basis to maximise what I can achieve and build my leadership capability in line with my career aspirations

Penny Fairbank
Business Relationships Manager, Education Sector, Melbourne

Toni really helped me turn off the white noise so I could focus calmly and really get what I needed to work on. Our sessions were immensely practical so I was able to power through my visible outputs and, when back in the office – take the team with me. I found Toni a generous as well as demanding coach and would unreservedly recommend her.

Senior Manager, Sydney

Toni has provided an opportunity for me to self-reflect and create change in my thinking and actions. Working with Toni has enabled me to develop self-certainty – to know and value who I am and what’s important to me. She is very supportive, while also challenging which has help me to establish new perspectives on myself and others. She has provided me with the structure and tools to help me transition into my next role as a business owner. Toni’s support and guidance is helping me focus on how I set up my new business and accelerate what I can achieve. I’ve been working with Toni for the last six months and look forward to continuing our work into the future.

Belinda Bastow
Environmental Sustainability, WA

The transition coaching program has been invaluable. I have much greater self-awareness and real clarity on my strengths, what I want to achieve in my new role, and my personal standards. Toni’s insights and knowledge is amazing. I’ve been able to get up to speed very quickly and significantly improve my leadership ability. I know now the culture I want to create for my team moving forwards

Tim Lees
Allambie Heights, NSW

Toni’s coaching has enabled me to proceed on issues with clear purpose and direction. She has helped me focus and find strategic outcomes for success in my new role. Her input has been invaluable to my first 90 days. I would highly recommend her coaching and program to anyone seeking direction and support within their career.

Gabrielle Angles
Pittwater Council, Sydney

When Toni and I first spoke about the potential for her to help me with my first 90 days in a new job, I was a bit skeptical. This wasn’t the first time that I’d started a new job, far from it. Plus, I’ve read and even acted on the book “The First 90 Days”. Still, I was curious to see what additional value could be added and I was super-keen to perform at my best in the new role and organisation, so we started working together. Over the next few months, Toni helped me to “chunk up my thinking” and focus on the big picture at times when the pace and volume of new content threatened to relegate my thinking too deeply into detail. Toni asked thought-provoking questions which helped me to broad-scan my new environment and the eco-system in which we act. She challenged me to prioritise my learning plan, which accelerated my learning. Toni took care to personalise the experience to my needs and specific role. I’m confident that all of this assisted me to perform at my best and to really “hit the ground running” in my new career step.

Cam Stirling
Senior Manager, Shine Technology, Melbourne

In working with Toni, I have been able to achieve more than I thought possible since I stepped into my role. With the knowledge, awareness, and tools Toni has given me, I’m very clear and focused on my goals even with many competing demands. I believe I would not be achieving at this level without everything Toni has given me. I feel empowered and a better leader in my company. Thank you for this opportunity for growth.

Bianca Pollard
Western Australia

Working with Toni enabled me to create a clear path to improve my performance and take it to the next level. I felt supported and challenged – this program was exactly what I needed. I’ve created clear value propositions for myself and my team and I’ve become more resilient in the face of change and challenge. I rate this program 10/10

Justin Gordon
Group Risk Manager, Sydney

As they say, you only get out of it what you put in. This is one of the rare occasions where I was brutally honest about my fears and shortcomings preventing me from being a better leader. Without doing this I was only kidding myself. Toni was able to isolate the issues and provide a workable approach. I found Toni easy to work with and believe this is why I found the coaching sessions very productive and liberating. I now have practical and relevant processes that focus on my core leadership development areas

Wayne Miller
Service Delivery Manager, National Health Insurer, Sydney

Toni’s coaching programs are ideal for anyone looking to accelerate their career. The various tools and frameworks enhanced my discipline in approach to task prioritisation, goal setting and provided accountability. Toni’s no nonsense approach is refreshingly honest yet warmly supportive. As a young leader, this program has been invaluable

Valued Client
Governance Manager, National Health Insurer, Sydney

I’ve worked with Toni as an Executive Coach and she’s also coached and mentored a number of our senior leaders. She is a supportive, thought provoking and challenging coach who gets to the heart of the matter quickly. From the insights into my behaviour patterns and habits, I’ve been able step up as a leader, create new opportunity and become more self-certain and focused in my role. I’ve learned a lot from Toni and highly recommend her. Feedback from other leaders has been extremely positive and we’ll continue to engage Toni in our business.

Benjamin Blunt
Head of Learning and Organisational Capability, HCF

I’ve worked with Toni as my Executive Coach over the last 6 months. My sessions with her enabled me to get to the heart of the matter quickly to generate new insight and perspective about how I see myself and my relationships with others. The insights were so revealing that I’ve been able create significant positive change in how I approach work and the contribution I make within my team. I’m confident in maintaining the changes I’ve made and will continue to build my self-awareness from here to live my life to the full. Thank you Toni.

Bruce Song
Chin Communications

Toni presented at our senior leadership conference and I found her thought leadership to be inspiring. She enabled us to have the clarity and direction we need to further develop our leadership. I’d happily recommend her.

Patrick Moore
Senior Manager, Distribution at St Andrews.

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