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The Book: Your Bigger Game

Your Bigger Game is an easy to digest proven strategy with self-guided exercises to design your big game blueprint.

Learn how to empower yourself, get out of your own way, and step into your potential

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White Paper: Your Bigger Game

Do you have the level of impact and influence that’s going to position you for future opportunity? Your Bigger Game demonstrates how to lean into your potential – so that you can be seen, heard, recognised the way you want to be.

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White Paper - Connect-IN Leadership: Why leaders, who can Connect-IN, change the relationship game and achieve extraordinary results.

The biggest predicator to your career success is your ability to connect with others and create open networks that bring people together. Connect-IN leadership shows you:

  • How to connect into your authentic self and develop your true leadership voice
  • How you can better connect with others to engage, influence and inspire
  • Levels in leadership growth and what it takes to get to the next level
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White Paper - A-Game Performance: Why you need A-Game players who build leadership success through influence.

The A-Game is a success strategy that builds leadership influence and business performance. Core to the A Game is the ability to focus on the things that matter – from big picture vision through to implementing the right projects. Find out what it takes to build your A-Game so you can accelerate you and your team’s success.

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E-book: 7 Keys to Lift Your Game Without Working Harder

The key to your effectiveness, results and ultimate success is the degree to which you are prepared to back yourself and focus on the things that matter. Master your productivity at work and see your relationships, influence and well-being flourish.

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E-book: 7 Keys to Your First 90 Day Success

In 90 minutes you can create your 90 Day Transition Plan and get a real advantage. By stepping into your new role with a proven transition game plan, you’ll be clear, confident and focused on what matters the most to hit the ground running and achieve early success.

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Leadership Self-Review

Use this guide to ‘take stock’ of your leadership progress so you can ‘reset’ for the year ahead and ensure your development focus is where it needs to be. Building leadership capability and developing confidence happens in steps of progress over time and it’s important you are able to identify how you are improving in line with your development goals. This guide will take about 20 mins to complete and the insight you gain could dramatically improve your leadership results.

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