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The future of work is creative, adaptive and human.

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Cultural environments that connect, engage and empower people through uncertainty will outperform those that don’t. This is how leaders and their organisations become change-maker ready for the future they’re creating.

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Discover the clarity and confidence to be more and achieve more than you thought was possible. Fast track to your next level performance and results.



Through her workshops Toni takes leaders and teams on a journey of personal discovery and growth. Toni’s insightful and practical delivery inspires action and positive change back on the job.

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Toni is an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker who hits the right chord with audiences quickly. Her actionable insight offers everyone the opportunity to spark a bigger game for themselves.

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Align your leadership teams to where they need to be. Strong leadership drives growth, culture, innovation and it elevates everyone along the way.

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About Toni

Toni is a leadership influence expert. She believes there’s a tipping point in any leaders career where their leadership potential is defined by the influence they have, not by the results they’ve achieved. Toni empowers leaders to bridge this gap to build their authentic leadership voice, style, and brand.

“ When you step into your potential and connect into what is truly important to you, your results and satisfaction can soar.”

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“I’ve read your Lead Real Change book twice and everything makes so much sense. I have those little stick on tabs throughout so I can keep going back to sections!”Natalie Burns, National Services & Care Manager – Stockland Communities

Lead REAL Change

Leading change is a critical leadership competency.

Balancing managing today and creating tomorrow requires leaders to learn new ways of doing business, learn new competencies and begin to work collectively.

Do you want to become a more effective leader? This book is for leaders wanting a blueprint for leading authentic and sustainable change – where people genuinely want to follow you.

Leading change isn’t easy.  Your leadership success requires you adapting to the changes and building the levels of connection, trust, and influence you need to bring people with you.

Learn how to act and behave in new ways that support you in becoming a change maker leader.

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What is your change leadership style?

There’s nothing like a crisis to show us what’s possible. COVID raised the bar exponentially in our capacity to navigate and adapt to change.  According to a new McKinsey Global Survey, companies responded to a range of COVID-19 related changes 20 to 25 times faster than expected¹. Not all change is successful. In fact the failure rate for change initiatives […]

Making work personal to support change and wellbeing

I’m well thanks I said, when someone asked me how I was the other day. The words came automatically. Hold on I thought, what am I actually saying? I reckon it’s timely to revisit what being ‘well’ actually means. Last year knocked us for six. On many days, my best was coping ‘well’ and I reckon I had it far easier than some other […]

Put yourself out there: why vulnerability is the key to your success

Mum, how do you get girls? my 10 year old son Alex asked me. Alex has a crush on Emma who goes to his school. Being put on the spot, I wasn’t sure how to respond to his question. I said Alex, you don’t ‘get’ a girl. The first step is to be friends with Emma. As it turns out, Alex had already written Emma […]

How to create clarity and confidence around the 2021 you want

Last year, while our lives were thrown upside down, we coped and looked after one another. We realised: our capacity to adapt to change was far greater than we thought (truth is, we’re wired to challenge the status quo, make progress, and do better). We’re far more capable and resilient than we thought and COVID also gave us all the […]

My Christmas wish for you (and why you’ll want it)

Last week I turned 50 and felt showered with attention, gifts, and wishes. Loren, a friend from New Zealand reached out on Facebook “Happy Belated Birthday Toni. I’m feeling exhausted which is why this note is a few days late, I’m struggling with the headspace to get everything done at the moment”. I hear you Loren. This year the feeling of […]

2021: Questions every growth leader needs to ask themselves

Communication during a crisis is critical. COVID is a fascinating case study for leadership While every leader globally has faced the same set of circumstances, we’ve seen leaders respond very differently. Take Donald Trump vs Jacinda Ardern as an example of different ends of the leadership spectrum. Who’s a leader you’ve observed this year, either positively or less positively, whose […]

A 4-Step Framework For Mastering Difficult Conversations at Work

Influencing people who don’t agree with you can be frustrating. I was reminded of this insight last week after talking with my ex-partner about high school options for our children. I went first in the conversation, and in my view, my logic was sound, inclusive, and thorough. Problem was, he felt like he was getting backed into a corner and […]

Why you need a strengths based team in 2021 (and 6 questions that will help you achieve it).

What are you really good at? Everyone has relative strengths – talent, knowledge, or skills – that are useful in helping achieve goals. Our strengths are more than what we’re good at though. They energise us, help us be resilient under stress and enable us to flourish, especially when we’re living our values. My friend Andrew loves anything to do with […]

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