Change-maker Leadership

5 Lynchpins for leading authentic and sustainable change

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Shift your focus

What would greater influence and impact give you?

People will genuinely want to follow your lead when you:

  • Build meaningful connection and trust
  • Take others on a journey worth going on
  • Adapt your leadership style for different scenarios
  • Harness the value and potential of others
  • Deliver great results and sustainable change
  • Champion an adaptive and accountable culture where people are engaged and committed

Working with Toni gives leaders confidence, clarity and direction to step into their next level leadership effectiveness.

 There is a tipping point in any leader’s career where their potential is defined by the influence they have, not by the results they have achieved.

Working with Toni


Coach & Mentor

Discover the clarity and confidence to be more and achieve more than you thought was possible. Fast track to your next level performance and results.



Through her workshops Toni takes leaders and teams on a journey of personal discovery and growth. Toni’s insightful and practical delivery inspires action and positive change back on the job.

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Toni is an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker who hits the right chord with audiences quickly. Her actionable insight offers everyone the opportunity to spark a bigger game for themselves.

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Align your leadership teams to where they need to be. Strong leadership drives growth, culture, innovation and it elevates everyone along the way.

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About Toni

Toni drives the results, team development and profitability of every organisation with which she works. Her conviction is that people are capable of much more than they think—her practice is to help them achieve it.

“ When you step into your potential and connect into what is truly important to you, your results and satisfaction can soar.”

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Lead Real Change

Leading change is a critical leadership competency.

Balancing managing today and creating tomorrow requires leaders to learn new ways of doing business, learn new competencies and begin to work collectively.

Do you want to become a more effective leader? This book is for leaders wanting a blueprint for leading authentic and sustainable change – where people genuinely want to follow you.

Leading change isn’t easy.  Your leadership success requires you adapting to the changes and building the levels of connection, trust, and influence you need to bring people with you.

Learn how to act and behave in new ways that support you in becoming a change maker leader.

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An organisation’s vision aims to connect everyone on a shared journey of success. Wouldn’t it be great if that’s all it took to rally people together and get everyone excited about the future? The glaring reality, screaming from engagement survey results (however engagement is measured), is that the majority of people in most organisations aren’t connected in meaningfully into their […]

9 Leadership behaviours that build commitment

We like to think we’re committed. That our team are committed. People who are committed show up, follow through and stick with it. The more commitment you have, the greater productivity and momentum you can generate to get the job done and lead people through transition and change. Commitment means team strength. That all sounds good in theory. But how […]

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We want others to see us as smart, capable and positive so we ‘look good’ and look like we ‘have it all together’. This strong and polished ‘exterior’ version of ourselves is far from how we actually experience ourselves in our inner world. In addition, we look at ‘successful’ people and assume they have it all together because they’ve got […]

How to Boost Your Courage: 3 Steps

Research tells us that we typically work to about 50% of our potential¹. We’re capable of so much more. Why do we hold ourselves back? We each have two versions of ourselves: Our surface self – where we get by, day by day, putting on a brave face to the world, not questioning how things are, and making it look […]

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The best part of writing my new book ‘Influence from the Inside Out’ was the opportunity to glean insight and wisdom from a bunch of senior executives – one being Andrew Dyer. Andrew is a company director, he serves on a number of boards and he’s also the National Wind Farm Commissioner for the Australian Federal Government. Andrew and I caught […]

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My 8-year-old son Alex is right into skateboarding. On Tuesday’s we head to a skate park after school. Today he spent a solid hour on two small ramps, practicing balancing his weight distribution to go up and down over each ramp. Watching him do the same thing over and over again, with a few falls in between, I was reminded of the simple […]

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As a leader, you’ve probably struggled or been challenged in a relationship with a direct report at some point. I hear leaders talking about personality differences or communication problems. These issues often mask the real problem – misaligned expectations. Expectations can ruin relationships, especially when the expectations are not communicated, understood and agreed.  It’s easy to make assumptions about what […]

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You’ve done your best to energise your team about the year ahead. Your team might even be feeling the buzz and there’s a good energy around the place. How do you maintain that energy? You’ve got aggressive goals to achieve and you need your people to bring their best. There’s got to be a better way than having to continually […]

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