5 questions high achievers ask themselves daily

High achievers have certain habits in their daily routine that enable them to work smarter and get more out of their day.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” John Maxwell.

It’s your job to bring your best self to work. No one else can.

We all have a next best version of ourselves to become. Here are 5 daily choices to help you bring and do your best:

1. Choose your focus

If you don’t discern what is important to say yes or no to, others will manage your priorities for you – whether you like it or not. Get the right stuff done by choosing a few key goals and breaking them down into manageable milestones and actions.

By focusing on the goals and actions that matter and not sweating the small stuff, you’ll keep on track and accelerate your ability to improve, optimise and innovate in your role.

Ask yourself: What are my non-negotiable actions that will keep me on track today?

2. Choose to connect in

Don’t settle for your role being a list of tasks to get through. Even if you’re not that passionate about what you do, choose to work with passion. Perhaps your passion is fired through sharing ideas or expertise, or problem solving.

What you are good at and care about drives your results. When you’re connected in, you’ll find the determination and motivation to keep going, even when the going gets tough.

Ask yourself: What can I connect into that will allow me to give to others?

3. Decide you’re good enough

We’re all worried whether we’re good enough. Although you can’t control what people think about you, you can control the way you think about you. The only person who can make you feel not good enough is you.

The secret is to manage your self-talk and reframe how you see yourself. Everyone has progress to make. Stop judging you based on what you’ve done and focus on who you want to become. It’s a lot more empowering.

Ask yourself: What can I positively acknowledge myself for today?

4. Get out of your comfort zone

Do something every day that stretches you and makes you uncomfortable. In other words, decide to ‘give it a go’ versus ‘get it right’. For example, give feedback on demand versus thinking it over and waiting until the time is right to give it. The right time is now.

Develop your connections. Invite someone you don’t know for a coffee to explore ideas that can benefit you both. They can’t say no if you don’t ask them (and they might say yes).

Have a voice: lean in and give your idea or opinion, even if it’s goes against the conversation flow. Your different perspective could lead to an even better solution.

Ask yourself: Did I step outside my comfort zone today and what did I learn?

5. Live your values

People want the real you – the authentic you, not the version of you that’s trying to look good and be polished. This doesn’t mean shooting from the hip – using sound judgement and having EQ is important too.

You’re not bullet proof: you don’t always have to have the right answer or present finished and complete thinking.

Leadership is not about being perfect. It’s about being effective and congruent with your values and beliefs. Every single day.

Ask yourself: Did I show up intentionally and authentically today in my interactions with others?


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