5 Smart Daily Choices Successful People Make

It’s far easier to blame and get frustrated at what you can’t control (like your boss, the culture, and office politics) rather than taking responsibility for what you can control.

Yet your success ultimately lies in making good decisions that are in your control, consistently. Successful people thrive, achieve, and enjoy success because they make smart decisions every day.

The only thing we can control is ourselves and our experiences.

We all want to bring our best selves to work and experience the same three things:

  • Doing what we love (with people we enjoy being around).
  • Feeling happy (knowing that we are valued and that we have a sense of belonging).
  • Being fulfilled (believing our contribution is helping toward a greater good).

To be empowered, you need to understand and connect with what makes you, you. We all want to experience the same things but how we create them is unique to each of us. The more you know and understand you, what motivates you, and what makes you tick, the more self-aware you will become. After all, no one can teach you how to be you.

It’s your job to bring your best self to work. No one else can.

Here are 5 daily choices in your control:

  1. Be passionate

It’s easy to get excited by the idea and then not finish to complete or play small. In contrast, when you bring your passion and know your ‘why’ for doing what you do, you’ll find the courage, determination and motivation to keep going, even when the going gets tough.

If you don’t know what you’re are passionate about, then choose to work with passion. Find a way to emotionally connect in to your work. Find something to care about. Perhaps your passion is fired through inspiration, or sharing ideas, or problem solving. Show up in every conversation with a mindset that’s ready to learn.

Ask yourself: What can I invest my passion into today?

2. Be good enough

We’re all worried whether we’re good enough. Everyone. Although you can’t control what people think about you, you can control the way you think about you. The only person who can make you feel not good enough is you.

The secret is to manage your self-talk and reframe how you see yourself. Rather than putting yourself down, lift yourself up by focusing on a positive perspective.

The greatest gift you can afford yourself is to accept you’re whole and complete – right now – with all of your strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect. There is nothing to ‘get’ outside of you to ‘fix’ you. Stop judging you based on what you’ve done and focus on who you want to become. It’s a lot more empowering.

Ask yourself: What can I positively acknowledge myself for today?

3. Live your values

When you are clear about what is important to you, and act in accordance with that, people will have more trust in you.

Research has shown that when a leader is clear about their values and leadership philosophy, their team’s sense of commitment to the organisation’s success is stronger, and the trust in its leader is deeper. The team also rates the leader as being 40% more effective.[1]

Ask yourself: Were my conversations and actions today in line with my values?

4. Show vulnerability – it’s showing ‘you’

People are looking for leaders who are authentic, who show emotion and who are prepared to be vulnerable. You’re not bullet proof: you don’t always have to have the right answer or present finished and complete thinking.

Self-aware leaders who lead by example make it safe for others to do the same. If you show your quirks, mistakes and funny side, others will want to show theirs.

Ask yourself: Did I show up authentically today?

5. Focus on your main game

Your ability to discern what is important – what to say yes to and no to – is creating your results. Choose a few goals to nail rather than doing too many things not very well.

By focusing on the goals that matter and not sweating the small stuff you’ll keep on track and accelerate your ability to improve, optimise and innovate in your role.

Ask yourself: Did I focus on what matters most for my performance today?

These choices will help you connect into and have the courage to be you; to be confident and self-certain; and to bring your best self to work, so you can truly connect with others to create extraordinary results.

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