6 reasons you do what you do

Your leadership is marked by your ability to connect with others.

Do you notice people around you who seem instantly ‘click’ with others and naturally seem to ‘get’ them? What’s their secret? What if the answer was the same thing that you could use to better know and understand you: what motivates you, and what makes you tick?

Drum roll…

It’s called the Six Core Needs, developed by Anthony Robbins.

Leadership is a journey of personal growth and self-mastery – no one can teach you how to become you.

We have six core needs that we must meet. These needs are not just desires or wants – they form the basis for every choice and decision we make.

Are you getting the results you want? Are you as fulfilled as you want to be?

Knowing what is driving your motivation and behaviours (both positively and negatively) can put you back into your own driving seat, in ways which you can create your compelling future – as a leader and role model to others.

Download the 6 Core Needs resource below – it is an immensely powerful tool to understand you and others. I’d love to know what you discover about you.



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