Webcast:  Teamwork and High Performance in a Post-COVID Environment.

COVID raised the bar exponentially in our capacity to navigate and adapt to change.  Leading in a post-COVID environment requires new skills and strategies to reinvigorate people and create a team environment where people genuinely want to bring and be their best selves.

Our resilience reserves are finite. Leaders need their teams to reset and build momentum at the time when, according to experts, our ability to absorb change (without becoming change fatigued) is half of what it was last year.

The key challenge leaders face in 2021 is leading people through change in a way that builds resilience, teamwork and engagement.  

Effective teams are made up of effective people who feel they are thriving, not just surviving.

Mental toughness builds the foundation for high performance.  

This webcast is for:

  • Executive leaders
  • Heads of business functions
  • Senior managers and team leaders
  • HR, P&C, L&D and OD Executives and Leaders

Webcast – Thursday 29 April – 12:15 – 1pm (AEST)

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“At the heart of change is changing how people think. Leaders who don’t know how to bring people with them and empower them through change will be left behind”  – Toni Courtney

Toni Courtney - Lead Real Change

A high performance environment is a function of how leaders engage, empower and enable people through change.

Leaders who respond not react, and who engage and empower people through uncertainty will outperform those that don’t.  It’s this cultural environment that lays the foundation for teams to build resilience and mental toughness.

Leaders are challenged with:

  • Keeping people engaged and productive when people feel tired and stressed
  • Creating belonging and teamwork in the transition to hybrid working
  • Being too reactive and managing transactionally
  • Managing layer upon layer of change
  • Working in a process driven / outcome focused environment
  • Creating an adaptive culture and building resilient mindsets

Mental toughness isn’t about working harder, coping better and ‘getting by’; it’s about people having the mindset and skills to confidently navigate change and uncertainty – and lead by example through it – to achieve and succeed.

Effective leadership today requires resilient and mentally tough leaders and teams who can step up, lean into challenge and build momentum.  People who are mentally tough bring their best selves regardless of the situation or outcome

People who are mentally tough lead by example. They:

  • Confidently lead in line with their values and principles
  • Stay on purpose, on track and do so with optimism
  • Manage their emotions so they stay calm
  • Use sound judgement and make good decisions under pressure
  • Focus on what’s in their control
  • Courageously embrace tricky situations where there is conflict, adversity, or setback

Webcast – Thursday 29 April – 12:15 – 1pm (AEST)

(By registering, if for any reason you can’t attend the webinar, you’ll still receive a recorded version of it)

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The antedote to stress is people having the resilience and mental toughness they need to lean into pressure and bring their best selves. No organisation can afford for engagement to slip and burnout to rise.

In the webcast I’ll be talking about:

  • The difference between resilience and mental toughness (and why both are needed)
  • How mental toughness builds the foundation for high performance
  • The critical role leaders play in moving individuals and teams moving up the mental toughness ladder
  • 5 keys to leading change in a way that builds mental toughness skills, capacity, and culture within teams.

Webcast – Thursday 29 April – 12:15 – 1pm (AEST)

(By registering, if for any reason you can’t attend the webinar, you’ll still receive a recorded version of it)

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Organisations are on a transformational journey to become more efficient, customer centric and sustainable through new operating models and technology.  Leaders need to be agile, innovative and bold. Leading in these environments is a tough gig.

Change models inform the process, but they unfortunatley don’t teach leaders how to lead. Leading change is a critical leadership competency.

The pace of change is not slowing.  The way change is led is how the culture is getting created, and the degree to which people are feeling connected in and engaged.

No business is future proofed and no one can afford to be left behind. Leaders that engage and empower people through change will outperform those leaders that don’t. This is how leaders become change-maker ready for the future they’re creating.


Toni is a highly skilled executive coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator. Toni brings a fresh, grounded approach focused on boosting leadership impact and effectiveness.

With an extensive blue-chip commercial background, Toni brings over 20 years’ experience in building and leading high-performance teams. She has authored three leadership books including ‘Lead REAL Change’ and ‘Influence From the Inside Out’.  Toni is a multiple Telstra Women’s Business Award nominee.

Toni works across many industries and has worked with clients such as Woolworths, HCF, Stockland, Metro Trains, AGL.

Phone: +61 4 31 971 790 | Email: toni@tonicourtney.comm
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