Webinar for HR Leaders in Local Government: Lead the Change

Councils need leaders who are change makers

Councils are on a transformational journey that requires leaders who can improve operational efficiency, spur innovation, and drive growth, all while simultaneously improving engagement.  Does your Council have the leadership bench strength it needs for the journey ahead?

This webcast is for human resource leaders:

  • General Managers of Corporate Services departments
  • Heads of: HR, Organisational Development; People and Culture
  • HR Managers, HR Business Partners, Organisational Development Mangagers, People and Culture Managers
  • Talent and Acquisition Managers

Webinar 2 July 12:15 – 1pm

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“I’ve worked with a number of Councils over the past few years helping them align their leadership to where it needs to be. At the end of the day, local governments only change when the leaders within them do”.

Councils need leaders who are change makers

The performance climate in which Council leaders and their teams now operate in demands different thinking, skills and behaviours to discover new solutions to new problems.

Councils need leaders who can navigate managing today and manage tomorrow.

Local government leaders face these common realities

  1. Leaders are required to do more with less.
  2. Leaders themselves are technically competent and and experienced, but lack the leadership toolkit required for the people challenges they face.
  3. Leaders manage people with fixed mindsets who resistant change.
  4. Leaders and their teams work across organisational silo’s and don’t know how to break them down.

Often leaders are asking themselves “Do I have what it takes?”

Transformational transition requires leaders who are equipped to lead effective change.

Underpinning the new leadership benchmark is leaders able to:

  • Shape positive mindsets
  • Bring their team with them on the journey ahead
  • Promote teamwork and collaboration
  • Optimise performance while improving engagement
  • Improve organisational culture
  • Lead effective change 
  • Build capacity

Leadership influence is the bridge between managing today and creating tomorrow.

Webinar 2 July 12:15 – 1pm

(By registering, if for any reason you can’t attend the webinar, you’ll still receive a recorded version of it)

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Are your leaders ready for the leadership challenges ahead?

In the webinar I’ll be talking about:

  • What being ‘leadership ready’ means in the context of transformational transition
  • The critical leadership competencies required to manage today and create tomorrow
  • The two key information sets that leaders have to nail when it comes to managing people through change
  • How to future proof leaders across your Council organisation with the leadership toolkits they need for the journey ahead.

Webinar 2 July 12:15 – 1pm

(By registering, if for any reason you can’t attend the webinar, you’ll still receive a recorded version of it)

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Effective leadership today recognises that people today want more than a job – they want to be shown how to succeed. People want to feel heard, valued and recognised. They want a ‘purpose’ that extends further than the job.

Change makers have a communication toolkit that allows them to influence positively and adapt their leadership in ways that build rather than hinder relationships. Culture is building positively when people are engaging, collaborating, and creating positive momentum together. This way of working together is the key to successful transformational transitions.

‘The central issue is never strategy, structure, culture or systems. The core of the matter is always about changing the behaviour of people’ – John P Cotter

Toni is a highly skilled executive coach, mentor, trainer and facilitator. Toni brings a fresh, grounded approach focused on boosting leadership impact and effectiveness.

With an extensive blue-chip commercial background, Toni brings over 20 years’ experience in building and leading high-performance teams. She is a Telstra Women’s Business nominee and author of ‘Influence from the Inside Out’ and ‘Your Bigger Game’.

She’s recently worked with Sunshine Coast Council, Hume City Council, and Campaspe Council. Other corporate clients include AGL, Metro Trains, HCF, Stockland, FleetPartners, Eclipx, and Exablaze.

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