Find and Develop Your Leadership Voice

Is your leadership voice building the influence you need?

When was the last time you played it safe where you, for example, didn’t speak up, go for the opportunity, or give the feedback? We’ve all done that. Trouble is, when you regularly do that, it keeps you under the radar.

Is your leadership voice working for you or against you?

Your leadership voice is heard in many ways beyond what you say, it’s mirrored through the strengths of your leadership style, your communication toolkit, how you walk your talk, your energy and how you present yourself.

Your leadership voice reflects your self-confidence

In this fast paced virtual environment we’re working in, are you:

  • being heard in the way you want?
  • speaking boldly and openly without fear of being judged?
  • having the tough conversations you need to?
  • investing time building relationships and an open network?
  • building the spheres of positive influence you need?
  • reaching your potential?

Having a strong leadership voice means trying different approaches to different situations and people, to get decisions made.

While Maria was achieving great results with her team who loved her, as soon as she was in front of more senior leaders and peers, she let self-doubt get the better of her and didn’t speak up like she could have. She didn’t want to be judged negatively or ‘get it wrong’. More often than not, she went with the conversation flow and/or consensus, even if she didn’t agree.

Are you better known for your results or your potential?

There’s a tipping point in any leader’s career where their leadership potential is defined by the influence they have, not by the results they’ve achieved. At this point, leaders need to focus on building influence through their leadership voice.

Where would you place yourself on the below Leadership Voice Ladder?

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I work with many leaders, like Maria, who view themselves as ‘inconsistent’. They know they are smart, capable and want to be on the ‘effective’ rung on the leadership voice ladder, but they’re feeling stuck and disempowered because they don’t know how to bridge their confidence gap.

Your leadership voice is a key facet of your leadership. Aligning your leadership identity, style, voice and brand is an ongoing process of reflection and feedback.

Getting the support you need can accelerate your leadership and opportunities open to you. It’s time to step out from under the radar and grow your influence.

If you, or someone in your team, could do with some help to speak up, step out and fulfill their potential then you might be interested in my Take the Lead Coaching Program.


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