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Your team don’t want to be motivated by you. What?

Jennifer Elliott from Integrity and Values made this point during her recent Boardroom Breakfast.

She said that leaders who believe they need to motivate their team over time will be required to keep on boosting their team with motivation. Instead, leaders need to focus on removing the resisters that get in the way of great performance.

You want to be empowered by the work you do. Your team do too.

Have you ever felt like work was a list of tasks to get through and ticked off?

On the flip side, you want you and your team to do work that is worth doing. Work that matters the most.

Great businesses are created through great leadership, great culture and work worth doing.

People want more than a job. They want to do work that is meaningful and worth doing. They want to have a ‘purpose’ for being at work and make a contribution that extends further than their job.

If we break down the work worth doing, it’s got these four ingredients:

Challenge – to think differently

Responsibility – to grow skills, relationships and confidence

Autonomy – to be in charge of choices and decisions through the work

And a sense of progress – connecting effort with the outcome.

People want to connect in intrinsically through what matters to them. Through what they value and want to experience.

Yet we’re caught up in the busyness of email and meetings, as well as silo’s, politics and outdated processes that create more work. As a result, we’re killing meaningful work getting done.

What’s the answer?

What if you were to make it your mission to clear the way for clear and meaningful progress to be made?

Clear the way for meaningful progress

What are the biggest roadblocks within your team impacting great work being done? For example, what if meetings were used as a tool for purposeful conversations and decisions making rather than a habit? What if email were used properly rather than as a bum covering exercise? What if the internal process supported cross-functional teams aligning to great customer experience rather than people blaming other areas when things go wrong? It has to start somewhere. What change can start with you?

What three roadblocks can you address and clear for your team that would make the biggest difference in getting great work done? Ultimately, by helping others succeed, you’ll succeed to.

Want some help? Ready for a bigger leadership game? Let’s chat.

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