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Change-maker Leader Coaching Program

Leading change is a critical leadership competency.

Managing today and creating tomorrow is tricky business; it’s a balancing act. Change success doesn’t rely upon strategy, structure or a ‘new shiny thing’; it comes from leading and empowering people from where they are not from where they are expected to be.

Do you want to become a more effective leader?

This Change-maker Program gives you a blueprint for leading authentic and sustainable change—where people genuinely want to follow you. You will learn how to act and behave in new ways that support you becoming a change-maker leader.

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Influencial Leader Coaching Program

There is a tipping point in any leader’s career where their potential is defined by the influence they have, not by the results they have achieved.

You want to be seen, heard and recognised and you want others to willingly follow you. All this happens through building influence. Influencing is by far one of the greatest leadership skills you’ll need in your career.

This coaching program is for leadership who want to build their leadership voice, style and brand and take their leadership effectiveness to the next level.

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ADAPT Leadership Coaching Program

Competence is about what you can do today. Adaptability is about what you can do tomorrow. 

Leaders today need to adapt to changing external pressures, varying needs of their team, complex problem sets, internal ways of working, and ongoing change.  Thriving as a leader requires adapting to the changes and adapting your leadership style in a way that enables others to bring and be their best.

This coaching program is for leaders who want to lead by example and take their leadership influence and impact to the next level.

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Take the Lead Coaching Program

Your strong and confident leadership voice is your leadership edge

Our current performance climate and future landscape demands different thinking, skills and behaviours. Leaders need to command attention in compelling and meaningful ways.

A leader’s voice is heard in many ways beyond what they say. It is mirrored through, for example, the strengths of their style, how they walk their talk, and their energy and presence. Every facet of leadership is intrinsically connected. A strong and confident leadership voice builds a powerful leadership brand.

The ‘Take the Lead’ coaching program is an extensive learning journey that will equip leaders with the core skills, knowledge and confidence they need to successfully lead their teams.

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