Lead the Change White Paper

White Paper: Lead the Change (For Local Government Leaders)

Councils are on a transformational journey that requires Councils and their leaders across all levels to confidently lead change, improve operational efficiency and engagement, and drive growth. Managing today while creating tomorrow is a tough gig. This White Paper addresses:

  • What ‘aligning our leadership to where it needs to be’ looks like in the context of the transformational journey Councils are on.
  • The critical leadership mindset and skillset required to lead change
  • The keys to developing a strong and intentional leadership voice: one that engages, influences and inspires others on the journey ahead.
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White Paper: Your Leadership Voice

Having a strong leadership voice means trying different approaches to managing people and getting decisions made. This White Paper is for leaders who are smart and capable, but don’t always have the confidence to speak up, step up, and be heard.

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Confidence Decoded White Paper

White Paper: Confidence Decoded

Your greatest asset is your self-assurance. Self-assurance matters more than IQ, experience or qualifications. Self-leadership and confidence enable you to have a voice, take action and achieve your goals. This White Paper addresses the universal fear “I’m not good enough” and outlines an approach to become self-certain, which is the pathway for lasting confidence.

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WHITE PAPER Your Bigger Game_opt

White Paper: Your Bigger Game

Do you have the level of impact and influence that’s going to position you for future opportunity? Your Bigger Game demonstrates how to lean into your potential – so that you can be seen, heard, recognised the way you want to be.

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White Paper - Connect-IN Leadership: Why leaders, who can Connect-IN, change the relationship game and achieve extraordinary results.

The biggest predicator to your career success is your ability to connect with others and create open networks that bring people together. Connect-IN leadership shows you:

  • How to connect into your authentic self and develop your true leadership voice
  • How you can better connect with others to engage, influence and inspire
  • Levels in leadership growth and what it takes to get to the next level
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White Paper - A-Game Performance: Why you need A-Game players who build leadership success through influence.

The A-Game is a success strategy that builds leadership influence and business performance. Core to the A Game is the ability to focus on the things that matter – from big picture vision through to implementing the right projects. Find out what it takes to build your A-Game so you can accelerate you and your team’s success.

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leadership self-review

Self-Leadership Review

The review is a simple way of reflecting on the progress you’ve made and what your focus for leadership growth looks like. By focusing on your development and taking the right steps, you’ll exponentially improve your chances in becoming a more effective leader. This is how to empower yourself.

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