Great workshop facilitation happens in a safe environment built on trust and respect. In this environment, participants want to engage, openly share and add to the discussion and learning. Toni balances her warmly supportive style with hard hitting questions and discussion that challenges and inspires. She benchmarks participant learning outcomes on change in action: otherwise it’s just a great conversation in the room.

Workshop topics include:

  • Leadership Mindset: Building resilience, emotional agility and a growth mindset
  • Empowering others: having tough conversations, giving effective feedback and coaching others into their potential
  • Culture: building an adaptive and accountable culture
  • High performance teams: Engage, influence, inspire for extraordinary results
  • Leading sustainable and transformational change
  • Strategic thinking: the art of managing today and creating tomorrow
  • 90 Day Plan: focus on the work that matters with rolling 90-day performance cycles

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