Cam Stirling

When Toni and I first spoke about the potential for her to help me with my first 90 days in a new job, I was a bit skeptical. This wasn’t the first time that I’d started a new job, far from it. Plus, I’ve read and even acted on the book “The First 90 Days”. Still, I was curious to see what additional value could be added and I was super-keen to perform at my best in the new role and organisation, so we started working together. Over the next few months, Toni helped me to “chunk up my thinking” and focus on the big picture at times when the pace and volume of new content threatened to relegate my thinking too deeply into detail. Toni asked thought-provoking questions which helped me to broad-scan my new environment and the eco-system in which we act. She challenged me to prioritise my learning plan, which accelerated my learning. Toni took care to personalise the experience to my needs and specific role. I’m confident that all of this assisted me to perform at my best and to really “hit the ground running” in my new career step.

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