What’s been your leadership progress in 2017?

Your team don’t want to be motivated by you. What?

This comment from last week’s post came from Jennifer Elliott from Integrity and Values, during her recent Boardroom Breakfast.

She said that leaders who believe they need to motivate their team over time will be required to keep on ‘injecting’ their team with motivation. Her point was that trying to motivate others doesn’t work.

To try and make motivation happen for other people might be pointless. People generally motivate themselves. You can, however, inspire – by what you say, by who you are. Your stars – Sagittarius, NZ Herald 12.12 17

My mum, like clockwork, sent my horoscope for my birthday which echo’s Jennifer’s message.

So, if motivating others doesn’t work, how about motivating ourselves?

As a leader, how do you inspire you?  

An executive team I worked with this week said they were tired and positive. Positive about progress on customer experience among other things. When I asked them about their leadership progress this year, they were silent, for a while. Our results are typically the benchmark for our success. What about our development along the way?

Motivation is fleeting. If you’ve got a big enough ‘why’ that supports your growth and development, this inspiration will drive your action, not motivation.

Your growth depends on you knowing where you’re at; what you want to achieve; what you need to focus on to make progress; and having leadership benchmarks in place to track progress over time. You also need to be aware of what’s getting in your way – including you.

What’s been your leadership progress in 2017?

Click the link below to download your “2017 Leadership Self-Review”. Useful insight comes from asking powerful questions. Becoming a more effective leader is about being congruent with your values, beliefs and standards that support how you want to show up for others. It’s about being self-aware. Every single day.

Who are you becoming as a leader? How will you step into your leadership potential in 2018? If you’re ready to empower you and your bigger leadership game let’s chat.

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