What’s Your Leadership Progress Score in 2015?

Your leadership is important – for your team, your organisation and your career.

New research from Hudson has uncovered leadership development as the top people priority for Australian and New Zealand HR decision-makers in 2016¹.

Take stock of your leadership progress

As you head down the home straight for this year, it’s a great time to assess what leadership progress you’ve made – and acknowledge yourself on what you’ve achieved (we often forget to do this). The three key areas to consider are:

  • Your self-leadership: Who you’ve been for you
  • Your team-leadership: Who you’ve been for others
  • Your team culture: Who you’ve been for each other

It’s also worth asking these fundamental questions:

  • Who do I want to become as a leader? How do I define myself as a leader?
  • Why is my leadership journey worth it? What’s it all for?

A new client admitted her biggest barrier to her growth this year was herself. She’d created barriers (excuses, stories, and reasons why) for not stepping out and being bold. And her performance rating reflected this. Can you relate to this scenario?

Track your progress in a report for yourself

An investment of 20 minutes or so in completing the leadership self-assessment tool in the link below could dramatically change your 2016. By scoring yourself on some key leadership questions, you’ll be able to benchmark your strengths and stretches that will help you ‘reset’ your leadership development blueprint in 2016.


Are you committed to your development?

You need to own your development – no one else can. Your leadership development can come from: on the job opportunities, mentors, your boss, in-house or external training/coaching, books, etc.

  • What are your best avenues for learning and growth next year?
  • Where could your biggest leadership lessons come from?
  • What is the right mix of learning given your needs and resources available?
  • What on the job opportunities can you create? (it’s the best way to learn!)
  • Who can best support you along the way?

Your attitude is key

Your preparedness to: learn by getting out of your comfort zone; assess yourself with no ego, and; embrace that leadership is perception, are keys for your leadership development. The more self-aware you are, the more you will grow. As the saying goes “You’re either green and growing or ripe and rotting” (harsh but fair).

Here’s to your leadership success in 2016. What are you going to commit to?

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